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DevDiary 30.10.2020

Since last time took a little time for reassessment to adjust our workflow. We are now trying out scrum techniques to track and evaluate our development. We went back to our roots and restarted working on the first level of Juuret. We are more than happy to tell you that we have something to show!Continue reading “DevDiary 30.10.2020”

DevDiary 16.10.2020

Juuret has been in development now for three weeks! Lots of progress has been made, basic mechanics working, first level almost done! Now we start moving to visuals so we can test the first level with our own assets, mechanics and all! Then we can see how the game will look and feel. Nothing tooContinue reading “DevDiary 16.10.2020”

DevDiary 9.10.2020

First week of development is now behind us and we are proud to say that first draft of gameplay is ready! We have a working prototype with some basic mechanics in place. Now the player can walk, run, jump and crouch. The player can also pick up and throw objects and pick up and examineContinue reading “DevDiary 9.10.2020”