DevDiary 30.10.2020

Since last time took a little time for reassessment to adjust our workflow. We are now trying out scrum techniques to track and evaluate our development. We went back to our roots and restarted working on the first level of Juuret.

We are more than happy to tell you that we have something to show! After hours of working on Friday afternoon we are proud to present you this:

Magnificent, isn’t it? Some day it will make sense and you can laugh with us to my artistic skills.

On the more serious note, we now have the layout of the first level. Now I will start rough whiteboxing (because I haven’t done that before) of the level and implementing of the basic mechanics. I like whiteboxing. In our meetings we call it valkolaatikointi.

Jenni has finally some time to start working on the assets and for the next week she will be very devoted to exploring of the different kinds of dirt.

Hyviä hommia! Great tasks!

Written by Timi

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